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UK Accreditation Camp is supervised and accredited. It is recommended to work with an accredited institution when taking your students to overseas camp trips.

£549 for an all-inclusive trip with rooms fitted to host 4 people (All rooms has own bathroom, toilet and kitchen facility)

What is included?

  • Airport Transfer
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 2 Trips to London
  • Accommodation for 6 nights and 7 days
  • Brighton Tours
  • 3 speaking courses every day
  • 2 hours of daily social and physical activities

We are the supporters of the UNESCO backed Active Schools Programme, also known as Let's Move. We are aware that students learn by having fun, playing and competing. It is plain to see that being by your desk for hours on end listening to lectures is tedious and does not fit the current education mantra. Children do not learn when unhappy. We teach English intertwined with active life in our school. With different physical activities each day, having fun and partaking in sports prime our teaching methods. This ensures our students have a blast. You do not forget things you learn when you are having fun. Students burn 2000 calories a day, preventing health repercussions from imbalanced diets and lack of exercise. This is precisely why we hope that you will support the most excellent English language school in England that offers a new, active lifestyle.

Who can join the School Camp?

  • Students between the ages of 11-16 and 17-24. The camp is open for teenagers and young adults. Said teenagers and young adults cannot use the premise at the same time.

  • For teenager groups, it is required to have 1 group leader for every 16 people.

  • For young adults, 1 group leader is needed for every 24 people.

  • As it is stated in the name, it is a student camp designed for schools.

  • UK School Camp is a subsidiary of UK Accreditation.

Visas and Permissions

If you are residing in a country requiring a visa to enter the UK, the establishment or school organizing the trip has to officially apply for a visa. Usually, since UK School Camp is a certified institution by the British government, our official invite containing the names of the students and the school application is enough for a visa. However, the consulate reserves the right to refuse the application when deemed necessary.

Ministries of education around the world accept UK School Camp as an official school trip owing to the official notice, and therefore deem attendance compulsory for students enrolled in the programme.

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